What To Look For in Gaming Laptops?

glsEach day a new game is released with better graphics and configurations. Avid gamers look for the best gaming laptop under 700, and it requires analyzing several features before making the decision.

Comparing Laptop and Desktop for Gaming

A simple comparison of laptops and desktops would prove that you can get a desktop of better configuration when compared to a laptop. If you are running low on budget for your gaming system, you should better look for a desktop that would give you a good performance. But if you are a traveling person or you have to take to your friend’s place for LAN gaming, it is very necessary to have a laptop. The laptop is also a space saver.

Plan well

When you have the money in hand to buy the laptop, people usually end up with the wrong device out of excitement. Never jump into offers without a second thought. Take some time to analyze the several offers available and look into every device available in your budget range.

Video Card

The video card is a major component to look for when you are buying a laptop for gaming. The video card should be of the new generation, and you can look for top names like ATI and Intel. The best ATI model is Mobility Radeon9700 and FireGLV3200. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 is also a good choice. There are also other new generation video cards that will work for the newer high definition games, so take a close look at the specifications.

RAM Memory

RAM is the storage area, and when you load a game, it is stored in the RAM. This storage space is not the hard drive and storing in RAM makes the system faster as the temporary data are all stored in RAM with the main hard drive still free. An optimal RAM would be 8GB but do not go for anything below 4GB. Also, check the frequency and latency of the RAM. The frequency has to be high and latency low.

Active CPU

RAM does the job of storing the game, but for it to be processed and operational like player movements to be enacted; the CPU has to be strong enough. Current games come with several simulations and environments, and the CPU is responsible for taking in information from the player and presenting it on screen. Games with physical simulation need a powerful CPU. System crashing while gaming can be rather annoying.

Hard Drive

Serial ATA is the best recommended hard drive for gaming laptops with maximum possible rotations per minute. The better the hard drive, the better will be the speed of the game.


With simulations and complex environments in gameplay, it is necessary to have a high-resolution screen laptop to have the real fun of gaming.

There are several such high configuration gaming laptops available within the price range of $700 and with an eye for detail you can easily find a suitable one. There are also comparison reviews available online which can help you in your purchase.


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